{"IN_localizedText" : { "it" : "Tenuta i Fauri È prima di tutto una famiglia", "en" : "Tenuta i Fauri is first and foremost a family" }}

{"IN_localizedText" : { "it" : "con la passione di fare vino", "en" : "with the passion for ”making wine”" }}




other clubs from Poway to Laguna Niguel.But the die hards come year round.They manage the two bocce ball courts and have furnished their clubhouse on site not only with necessities of the game, but with comforts such cheap michael kors as facilities for making coffee and serving panettone (a sort of Italian fruitcake).Yes, bocce ball is an Italian game.And between 80 and 90 percent of the members of most clubs in Southern California are of Italian ancestry.Toni Bolognia, a 30 something, said she heard about it at a Sons of Italy meeting.Some members, such as Rita Punaro, call themselves IBMs Italians By Marriage. But others, like Steve Papadopoulos, sport obviously non Italian surnames in this case, Greek.The dog is the unofficial mascot. Rescued by Matarrese five years ago and named Zanipolo Polo for michael kors handbags short he watches the games intently from the comfort michael kors cheap of a nest of warm blankets in front of a butane fed heater, which his human friends enjoy, too. Because he’s hairless, he wears a heavy overcoat with a thick, wool collar.Once a
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